Wednesday, November 30, 2011

It's just not my day

Why do people usually stressed out for ? Or what can you do when you're really in the end of the edge? Well . Normally people do cry , drink or etc to release themselves. I do understand people why they are doing this for. Because i'm one of them.

My practical exams in this week & theories exams in next week.
I'm a human being as well and also a guy who staying in this world for 18 years.

Somehow, I need to confess the words in my heart.

People around me might thought that I could be a person who don't really care about himself, fooling around with friends and don't really have problems. Friends that I used to share myself is not a lot. It's not even more than 10 fingers. I do care myself but not that much because I know it's gonna be a pressure for me. That's what makes me feel more comfortable and yes, I do have lots of problems.

Okay . What had happened on me was real bad for today.
I didn't face this kind of problem for a long time.
I did bad on the both practical subjects which are the kitchen and beverage exams.
I'm not gonna blame anyone for doing very bad performances today.
The question on my mind is the friends that I used to hang out with in college & had spent
most of the time in the college together but why did I done so bad compared to them ?
Everything is coming into my mind & I just couldn't accept it. It's not because they are better than me but why i'm not 1 of them ?

Eventually, i went to talk with the chef about the marks. I was asking for the changes about it & he said can't . At that moment, my tears were about dropping off so i just went straight to the toilet. It's because I didn't expect that it will be this bad until it makes me to ask for the mark changes.

I wanted to give up seriously. But when it comes to some certain things that you had already been thru like the friends you met, how much my parent had invested on me for the course & things like that and i had have to carry on. It's totally a big waste. Once I became a college student, I knew how expensive a course would be. Yes, I do have the right to stop now & my parent do allowed me with some nags. But when you looked around and seen someone who quit before, you might say something about that them & now the words have to go back to own self after you became 1 of them.

I'm supposed to help my friend in the kitchen for her class event in my college's training restaurant but I changed my mind after my kitchen exam. It's because i'm really afraid of having a hard time to think about my exam again. Seriously, it gave me a huge blast of it. It's exactly the same feeling when I lost in some great final competitions last time.

I don't usually feel disappointed if i didn't put any much hard work on it. But this time I did .
The more hard work you spend, the bigger disappointment you get.
Nobody knows what kind of person that someone will become in the future.

By the way, it's a new day and new month.
Happy Good December !

Saturday, October 29, 2011

* knock knock * Who's back ?

Hi everyone . I guess no one is here anymore .

Few days ago , I read all over the articles that I wrote on my blog .
What I found was *The days that I had been through this 2 years & memories *
Well . My life changed a lot after the last 2 posts i wrote on my blog .
As you can see , the last post was too lame . I updated it when I was really really boring ( Yeah I still remember ) and the 2nd post that I did mention about my grandma . My grandma was admitted to the hospital due to her lung problem & passed away on that day . Seriously , I didn't realized that i post something about my grandma till I read back my articles . By that time , it was hard for me to accept the fact but now everything is over except my love for her *silly smiles* I bet she's happy with my grandpa now :D

Okay Dokay Mokay or what-so kay kay .
I had been graduated from the high school for almost 10months *laugh*
and started my Hotel Management diploma at Sunway University College .
I'm already in sem 2 * yeah i know that i have been disappeared for a long time*
Gonna start my sem 3 in another 2 months . I met lots of friends from different states & countries . Crazy & funny friends that i met in the college . I do speak mandarin a lot now compared in the high school last time . * Ahem . Ni Hao Ma ? *
Ohhh paiseh . Heheee . I still can't speak fluently :( Someone please talk to me in cantonese :D

Ohhh Yeah yeah .
I never thought to update my blog until a classmate of mine aka my sensei told me to .
Well . I just started to read her blog & it's funny to see her pics on her blog . LOL !
She's a quite quiet & shy person I think . But she's a nice person. Haha . Maybe i don't really talk to her that much in the class because I don't usually talk in the class when the class is teaching . *evil smiles* Nahhh . I'm just kidding . But recently I realized that she's crazy & I dont know what-so-so-wrong with her .
And she can be really different on the facebook and her blog
*seriously* . Like what i just said , she's a quite quiet & shy person but if you communicate with her on the facebook and check around with her blog , she can be totally DIFFERENT !

Check her out on her blog


Something's wrong with my words . I highlighted some of the words with diff color but i don't know why it came out the same .
Btw , I gotta go now for my dad's celebration .
I might continue later :D

take care peeps .

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Back from death

Hello peeps ! My blog has been left out since two years ago . LOL !
I'm not sure why am I updating my blog now . Maybe Im just too boring or whatever .
By the way , its just a short update so i got nothing much to update about myself :D

Take care .

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

The first few days of Hari Raya

Selamat Hari Raya to all my malay friends !


Happy Holiday to all non-muslim friends !


What I did on the first day of Hari Raya ?
Well . Went to Port DICKSON with Deryck , BoonWah , KahWai , William , BoonWah & CheeYoong.
We went there by 2 cars . Deryck & William were the drivers . LOL . We had our lunch when we were there . It was so freaking cheap for those food & I never been there for a long time . After
our lunch , we headed to Xtreme Park for go-kart . The price was rm20 for 8 laps . It was reasonable so we played twice . It was tired while driving the mini car but we had alot of fun . My hands were shaking after the games because it was hard to turned the steering . hahahaha.
After that , went to a beautiful resort with a polluted beachl . The resort was nice & new & almost same as Golden Sand in P.Pinang but Golden Sand is much bigger . I wonder why the beach wasn't blue colour or just because Malaysian don't care about their sea? I think so .. hahaha.
William dropped my PSP on the floor cause my PSP got some obvious scratches . Haiz .

Skipped it to dinner . Reached KL almost 9 & overnight at William's house since everybody not going back . Next day , went to a Malay friend's house for Hari Raya celebration . We stayed
there for few hours & played few games there. Back home after that .


Just woke up & my bro told me that my parents went to Johor to visit my grandmother from my dad's side coz she kena heart-attack . I asked " huh ? why you never follow them ? " then he says " if I follow , who is going to jaga the house ? " . HAIZ .. To be honest , i'm really care about my grandmother alot . Shes 93 now & still able walk & talk but suddenly kena heart-attack like too suddenly . You know what i mean ? so I think my parents not coming back home tonight .

Get well soon , my POPO .


Sunday, September 13, 2009

X tau

Hey everyone .

Hmm. I skipped school on Thursday and Friday coz not feeling so-so well . I spent 2 days at home for watching tv & online . Yeah . I know bosan la but what to do since you not feeling so-so well .

Yesterday went to met up with KhaiSze before she leaves to Russia for her studies .Had dinner at SriPetaling with KhaiSze & also a bunch of my friends . [ Alot to list ] . All of us went to her condo at Serdang area after dinner & we left around 10+ coz a friend of mine had to go back earlier . And " All The Best " to KhaiSze . hahaha .


My auntie came from Austalia yesterday . She will be staying at my house for almost 2 weeks.
Hmm.. I think I never seen her since my last trip to Austalia & most probably 8-9years .
hahaha.I think consider very LONG but nevermind . As long as i can recognize her then won't be a problem . Hehehe .

& the worst problem coming to me is my maid / my 2nd mother going back to Indonesia for 2weeks HariRaya .So I will be suffer when shes not here . Damnn . & u know what? she worked here for 16years since i was 2months old baby . Thats freaking long izzit ? hahaha. Thats why i treat her as my 2nd mother & shes good in cooking too . LOL .


Friday, August 28, 2009

28th of August

Woke up damn early this morning & went to Vista Condo for badminton with Deryck , Meng , KahWai & JunYew . It was a last minute plan. Actually i didn't go but i promised them that i
join them . LoL .

Went to Sunway Pyramid to watched Laughing Gor.

It was a OK movie but the screen damn big & blur so it was hard to watch . Hahaa. Left Pyramid around 5pm and went for dinner . Reached home almost 11pm . Seriously im so damn tired now.


Thursday, August 20, 2009

20th of August

Hello orangS .

Just got back from Pavilion with Kah Wai. My dad fetched us there around 1pm .

First movie

Second movie

Watched Dance Flick & Destrict 9 . Dance Flick was funny & Destrict 9 quite digusting but nice movie . Haha. Actually we wanted to watch Laughing gor but the movie start quite late so we decided to watch District 9 for second movie . haha.

Few movies are coming out .
Next movie for next month :

Laughing Gor : Turning Point

The Final Destination 4 ( Can't wait to watch this movie )



And not to forget .

Jennifer's Body ( Yeah! She's MEGAN FOX! )

So maybe will watch all movies that i list during my holiday . Hahaha.

After the second movie , we went to Starhill to wait my dad to picked us home .
( Thanks dad ) haha. Kah Wai going to overnight at my house tonight . So tomorrow we might be going for movie again with other friends . hahaha.